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King Kevin

I’ve disabled the Disqus comments on my site, I no longer feel like my website needs to foster its own community. However, there is one comment on the Kingdom Flash game that I wanted to preserve.

Kevin Boonruang 5 years ago

Lots of fun playing this game. After several playthroughs where I got completely stomped after expanding, I stumbled upon the game breaking strat that others have mentioned of just focusing on the castle area and the place the game suggests you expand to. Eventually, my kingdom became so prosperous and populated that I barely had to take any action between waves; my archers would just mow down wave after wave with ease. I decided that it was time for my people to rule themselves: after all, they had outgrown the need for a king to guide and protect them. Besides, life had become so easy that I no longer desired or wanted for gold, land; I even lost all pleasure in the simple joy of riding my horse throughout the grassy fields of my domain. Around level 27, I finally rode out into the woods to die. However, at this point I had accumulated so much gold that the noodlers couldn’t kill me, even after two full waves. I was forced to press down until my pouch was empty, whereupon I died, penniless and alone– but hopefully not forgotten.