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From the Archive

Going through my projects folder, I came across some beginnings of games I had totally forgotten about. I thought it would be nice to go through these projects and take screenshots and movies to remind me what they actually look like. I’ll share three of them.


These are some typical Dutch houses that I thought would make a nice scenery. They are actually procedurally generated and colored based on prefab blocks. I have no idea where to go with this. Most of the “tech” (e.g. the reflections) made it into Kingdom. And I even did a little GVB tram.

Pseudo-3D Tank

I started a little 2.5D rendering engine in Flixel using sprites built up from “stacked” and transformed layers. It has a neat look but it’s probably going to be a headache at some point down the road.

Autumn in Space

Something about riding a bike through zombies in front of an incredibly dull grey sky. Really, #AFB4C2? But it does have neat parallax for the road and dynamic shadows! If this game is ever made, it should play the song of the same title.