self portrait


This is game that I built and almost completed in 2007/2008 experimenting with Box2D. I realized that I’m never going to finish this game in the current form, and physics platformers are not as new as they were 5 years ago anyway. So it’s better off up here for you to play than on my harddrive.

You play a brain-in-a-tank that’s been deactivated awaiting permanent disassembly. However, you’re awakened by the charming major as a new threat appears. There was supposed to be a fifth level where you fight the alien mothership, using airdropped artillery cannons, but alas. Really lovely character art of the major by Liea.

WARNING: It’s unfinished, buggy, and it’ll never be fixed. But I hope you enjoy anyway ;).

P.S., keep an eye out for some Kingdom news in the coming weeks.